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Trina Bechly Photography

Today's guest is Brisbane based Photographer Trina Bechly. I met Trina when she came to my home to photograph it for the blog site Walk Among The Homes. What a great day that was and what a delighful and talented photographer Trina is.

In the world of interiors and styling we get so caught up on the pretty picture and what's in it, that we sometimes lose sight of the creatives that take the image. Sometimes without them our styling would not look as fabulous as it does.

We all like to think we are avid photographers but the truth is it takes dedication and learning to master this craft which is exactly what Trina has done..

Read on to see what it's like in the life of a professional photographer..

Tell us a little more about your life/family?

I guess you could say I am still finding my way – pursuing photography while doing administration work. Life just keeps me busy and I never really seem to stay still, unless I am at the movies or editing at my desk! I come from a large family of 7 kids – 5 girls, 2 boys – including two sets of twins of which I have a twin brother. There is always something happening and it’s the best.

Have you always wanted to be a photographer and what did you do to achieve this role?

I always enjoyed taking photographs, but didn’t really pursue it until I was in my twenties. After studying at university, I took a break before returning to complete my degree in 2012. The passion was renewed and I discovered a love of photographing my beloved interiors. I love fashion photography and would love to incorporate more of that...

Do you have a favourite “subject” you like to photograph?

Interiors – especially those with lots of texture,fabulous light and wonderful quirky style. Waiting for the right light and having an amazing vignette in the frame for your eye to follow throughout the image –it’s exciting!

Have you ever been asked to photograph something that you really just don’t like? How did you overcome this?

I suppose weddings are something that I don’t LOVE shooting. There is a lot of pressure, and if you’re not ‘on your game’, it is not something you can reshoot on a better day. I only do weddings for close friends – there are so many amazing photographers who specialise in this area, so I tend to steer away from this unless I have the right feeling...

You must have seen some amazing interiors and insight into people lives whilst taking your photo’s, has there been a highlight?

People’s homes are always amazing. They’re so unique and filled with such personality – definitely an insight into the livesof others. It is always an honour to be invited into somebody’s home because it’s their personal space. On a recent trip to Sydney, I took a tour of the Elizabeth Bay House as part of the Sydney Living Museums. It was stunning! For the most part, I was the only one on the tour, so the guide was very undererstanding of me taking photographs. The lighting was a challenge, but it was full of such rich history

and some of the finest interiors that it was one of the most exciting ‘shoots’ –definitely a highlight.

What advice would you give to those wanting to be a photographer?

Whilst I believe some people have a natural talent, it is wise to have some education/theoretical understanding where skills can be gained – not necessarily a university degree, but a reputable design/photography school/college is suitable. And find a mentor, or someone who will take you on as an assistant/intern, to gain some valuable skills in both photography and business – very helpful and practical.

What is one of the best things you like about your chosen career?

I love meeting new people, and being in places where I can take photographs that make me so excited to capture something so visually stunning. It is such an amazing feeling when it does happen!

Where do you see yourself in 2 year’s time?

Still photographing, but perhaps more of a larger part of my life than just a sideline. That’s the goal anyway...

If you were not a photographer, what else do you think you would like to be?

An Interior Designer or graphic designer – I love typography. If I could sew, I would have loved to be a Fashion Designer... Something creative anyway...

Name 3 inspirational people that you admire and why?

Cindy Sherman – her methods, style, and unique imagery were my first love in university. Seeing one of her pieces at a gallery in New York was just one of those O-M-G moments.

Megan Morton - She is so giving, caring, and full of so much energy and wisdom. It is always a pleasure attending workshops and instameets hosted by The School. Megan is an inspiration.

Corinne Day – She was a pioneer of the gritty, raw imagery of the 90’s – the beginning of Kate Moss - her images were life in action, life as it was, as it was happening. That’s the kind of images I like to take – real, un-posed.

Thanks so much Trina for allowing us to take a sneak peak into your world of photography. You can follow Trina here on Instagram and see more of her amazing images here on her website.

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