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Alisa & Lysandra Collaboration with United Artworks

I was thrilled when United Artworks approached me to style and shoot these pieces from the Alisa and Lysandra Collection. There is no denying that they were my favourite couple on "The Block" and not just because I am a South Australian by birth but I loved their approach to decorating and design- they just get it. Plus they were a whole lot of fun!

Their new collection encompasses graphic and photographic designs and is entirely designed and produced in Australia, now you have to love that....

The "Even Score" print was on of my favourites as it's raw and organic feel lends itself to modern styling, which is right up my alley. This is perfectly imperfect and would be a showstopper in an entrance way.

On a softer note the "Lone Sky Ranger" is beautiful with its swirls of pastel pinks, lilacs and blues. Depicting the current colour forecast, The Lone Sky Ranger is moody but with elegance and would be stunning in your living or dining room.

Make sure you check out the entire Alisa and Lysandra collection at United Artworks.

You can also view more images from their collection on United Artworks Instagram page @unitedartworks .

To keep up to date with all the latest interior design trends and what the girls have been up to, don't forget to follow Alisa and Lysandra on Instagram @alisa_lysandra and on facebook here.

There are many more stunning and amazing pieces to view and what is really nice to see is how affordable the collection is. Artwork finishes the space and defines it's essence and this collection comes with an affordable price tag. So everyone can have beautiful artwork adorning their walls.. x

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