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How to renovate a kitchen for under $500

Are you over your 80's kitchen but don't have the budget for a full scale re model? If your cabinetry and benchtop is in good condition, I have the perfect solution for you. If you don't have a phobia to a bit of elbow grease and a few days up your sleeve, read on to see how your kitchen can look new and modern again........

1. Start with removing all furniture hardware from your cabinets/drawers, so you dont get paint on them

2. It's best to give the cabinets and drawers a quick clean with purpose made Laminate Cleaner available at Bunnings, or warm water to remove any grease residue

3. Now it's time to give them a very light sand with fine sandpaper. This helps the primer stick to the original surface

4. Time to prime the cabinetry now. Give a generous coat (I preferred to use a roller where I could) and allow to fully dry before appling paint.

5. Choose your paint colour. You will be using White Knight Laminate Paint which has a selection of colours available. However, I have discovered that most Dulux paints can be coloured match. Please ask for assistance with staff at the hardware store before deciding. Some colours may not be compatable.

6. Now the fun stuff, start painting!. I found using a small roller gave me better results than a paint brush. I did use a small brush for the fiddly sections around the hinges. If you have a steady hand, no need to tape up hinges.

7. I painted both the exterior and interior of the doors for full affect

8. It will take a full 24 hours drying time before you can apply the second coat. Please note that while the paint is drying, no drawers or cupboards should be closed, that's a given, but also the paint takes up to 5 days to cure, so gentle use is advised for a few days following. I ended up doing three coats on my drawers and cupboards but you may be satisfied with two. Its a personal choice and really depends on the colour choice.

9. Once completely dry, add back on all your hardware or you may like to change these for a new look also.

10. Stand back and admire your new kitchen! As this is paint, it will be proned to chip, so make sure you have some left over for little touch ups along the way. I also decided to change my splashback and tile over the glass....

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