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The Styling Collective

This week on the blog I have a chat to Carmel Boyd from The Styling Collective. Some of you may not know that Carmel is also the proud owner of Penny Lane Eco Soy Candle Company. She is one busy girl as she juggles her Interior and Product Styling business based on the sunny Gold Coast with Penny Lane.

Carmel is not only a fabulous stylist but very talented behind the camera lens which results in stunning images for her clients. If she wasn't such a nice person I would be jealous LOL. But that's the thing, Carmel is always willing to have a good chat and toss around ideas with fellow stylists in the hope to help them and also better herself in the process.

An avid traveller, I think her inspirations and talent comes from travelling the world and emerging herself in culture and landscapes that excite and spur on the creative juices. She has a keen idea for detail, a love of the organic and there is nothing she wouldn't do the please her every growing list of clients.

So much talent from such a nice person, hope you enjoy our chat!

Tell us a little more about you, your background and your family etc?

Since I was a teenager I’ve had the travel bug! When I turned 18 I took off and spent 7 months travelling USA, Mexico and Europe. I then decided to move to London and then on to Edinburgh, Scotland for 4 years where I worked as a sales rep for a beauty company. When I return I moved to Sydney where I worked as a travel agent and business development manager for a large travel company. Six years ago I moved the Gold Coast where I continued my work as a business development manager and then decided to take the leap into the creative world of interior design, something I’ve had a passion for for many years! I have since discovered my passion for colour consulting, styling and photography and have been lucky enough to work and gain experience in many areas of the creative world including event styling, kitchen design, interior & product styling and colour consulting.

I now live in Currumbin with my partner, Jayden and dog, Bobby!

I started The Styling Collective by Carmel Boyd (previously named Carmel Louise Interior Design & Styling) in 2013.

How did The Styling Collective begin and what challenges did you face in the early days?

The Styling Collective began while I was studying in 2013. I decided to start a blog where I used all the inspiration I found online and through my studies. As I began work experience, I realised I really wanted to be able to work for myself - the dream!

I still feel like I’m in the early days of my business but trying to figure out how I was going to turn my passion into a business was a huge challenge.

Can you tell us what services The Styling Collective can offer?

The Styling Collective offers a full range of Interior Design services including furniture packages and colour consulting. I also offer product, interior, lifestyle, food and property styling & photography, which I absolutely love! I recently launched cost effective Social Media Styling & Photography packages for small businesses. I am a huge believer in the power of social media marketing and supporting small, local businesses and this service aims to provide beautifully styled images of a product or business to ensure the business owner always has quality photography for their audience!

You also operate Penny Lane Eco Soy Candle Co. Tell us a little more about that?

Penny Lane Candle Co also begun while I was studying in 2013 (it’s becoming more and more clear I took on a little too much in 2013!!)

While working in events I decided to begin offering wedding favours and gifts. From there it grew and grew, and since then I have opened an online store, secured retail clients and last year did a range of quote candles in collaboration with Sunshine Coast creative Ivy Invite, which I am super proud of!

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

One of the biggest highlights has been the people I’ve met along the way. There are so many creative souls working hard at what they love and I find that so inspiring.

Also seeing my work in print has been amazing, and with some of my favourite work being showcased in the first issue of a local magazine due to launch in September, I’m excited about what’s to come!

Where do you see The Styling Collective in 2 year’s time?

I would love to see more of my work in magazines, editorials and blogs. I am a magazine addict and to open a magazine and see my work in there is really exciting!

I'd also love to have my own design studio and eventually expand my services and continue working with local businesses.

What advice can you offer other people out there wanting to start up their own creative business?

Attending workshops, networking events, weekend courses and doing work experience has been a huge advantage for me. Just being creative in the field you love, or trying something new can give you a push in the right direction. There is no time like now, so if you love it go for!

How would you describe you own Interior Styling taste? Do you have a passion for one style in particular?

I don’t’ think I can choose just one!! I love contemporary, eclectic and Scandinavian. White and grey tones with a pop of texture and colour. I buy what I love and find a way to make it work! Flowers and greenery are a must!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Cuba & South America are top of my list. Countries that are bursting with colour, culture, history and architecture are something I crave and I hope to get there soon!

Thank you so much Carmel for an insight into your exciting life. I so want to go on a holiday now!

Make sure you are following Carmel on Instagram for inspiration @thestylingcollective and to enquire about her services you can reach her via her website

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