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This week's special guest is my friend Lana Caves from LC Styling here in Brisbane. I first came across Lana on Instagram and was immediately attracted to her beautiful images of her home and styling. Gorgeous images of blue and white coastal inspired vignettes and a nod to the American Hamptons flood her feed and I can not get enough of them.

Not only is she a fabulous interior stylist, she is an amazing food stylist as well. Apart from being a fabulous stylist she is also one of the funniest people I have met on Instagram. With all her charm, wit and natural styling abilites it's no wonder Brisbane businesses are knocking on her door..

Finally the time has come where our major magazines/publications have stood up and taken note of Lana's talents as well and hopefully we will be seeing her styling in the pages of our most favourite mags. Read on to learn Lana's journey to get to this point..

Tell us a little more about your background, life and family..

I am an adoring Mum to my gorgeous 10 yr old daugher, wife to my husband of 14 years and a Freelance Stylist. My background was orginally in Special Events/Marketing and Merchandising, working for a large American lifestyle and beauty brands spanning over 15 years. I learnt so much from the amazing creatives working within these brands. After getting married and having our daughter, I wanted to stay in the same field but at a capacity that would suit family life. Working freelance over the past several years has allowed me to manage my work around my family.

Tell us about LC Styling and what services you offer?

I style within a variety of areas. I style homes for clients who may need a little help and direction with furniture/homewares selection and placement. I style products for companies and retailers, whether it be their retail spaces or their websites and social media accounts. More recently. I have evolved into the world of Magazine Editorials where I am again learning a lot from some very talented people.

Product Styling

Describe your own personal style when it comes to interiors..

My personal style can change on any given day. Some days I feel tropical and coastal and will gather my stash of shells together and start chopping palms outside to bring indoors!. Sometimes minimalistic takes over and I start clearing everything away. Most days however, my style sits happily in the realm of classic, American coastal with lots of shades of blue and white and plenty of striped textiles.

What advice would you give to those wanting to break into the world of interior stying/decorating?

Go hunting for inspiration iin magazines, blogs and social media. Play around and practice until you find your style and discover what you love. Gathering some experience is a great way to find your feet and there are great courses out there too.

Where in Brisbane are your favourite "go too" places for your decorating needs?

I could go on for sentences on this topic!. I collect as I go, I love small businesses I find on Instagram and like the option of pyjama shopping! Paddington Antique Centre is a gem for old and new. My blue and white addiction is supported by Botticelli House where I've acquired most of my pieces from. I also love a good pick up from Freedom, Ikea and K-Mart. So many great peices for every room in the home at those stores.

What are your top 3 decorating pet hates?

Clutter - There is no need to display every knick knack you have ever collected or were gifted, unless of course you are planning on opening your home up as a museum - Declutter and let your pieces tell as clear story together.

Uneven spaces - Vignettes, table styling and wall hangings can take time! So, take the that time and check everything is aligned and spaced evenly.

Toilet Mats - Nooo!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I get a kick out of seeing any of my styling pics pop up in editorials, blogs or even a simple re-gram by someone on Instagram! Probably the career highlight in my current work situation, is now being involved in styling for Interior Magazines.

Where do you see yourself and LC Styling in 2 year's time?

I hope to have expanded my styling portfolio and to have really progressed in styling for magazine editorials.

If you were not a Stylist, what else do you think you would like to be?

Maybe a travel and food photographer/writer. I am consumed with the travel bug constantly and am lucky that my family gets to travel thanks to my husbands work. I'm that annoying family member clutching a camera constantly capturing what is happending around us. My daughter likes to write about her day and the city she is visiting when we travel. I love that she does that, perhaps she'll be a travel writer!

Who are you top 3 favourite stylists/designers and why?

Aerin Lauder - I love where she has taken her Grandmother's (Estee Lauder) vision for the EL comapny. She is a smart businesswoman, mum and wife and I love her personal style: classic and naturally elegant. I joined Estee Lauder Corporation as a very eager 17 year old student and continued to spend 9 wonderful years there learning and progressing. They taught me so much

Ralph Lauren - Much like Aerin, I love Ralph Lauren for this timeless and class approach to fashion and interiors. RL interiors can be diverse. I particularly love his use of blues and coastal elements. Again, I'm lucky that I was able to take away much knowledge from the Ralph lauren brand after years of working for them also.

India Hicks - The Queen of coastal and tropical interiors!. I love every photo I ever see of work done by india Hicks. Reading one of her books is usually when I start dragging those plams indoor as I previously mentioned!. I've never worked for her!!! But I NEVER say "never"!.

Thanks so much Lana for sharing your story with us and what a great working life you have had already!

If you would like to contact Lana for styling work, you can do so via her website here. Make sure you also follow her journery on Instagram @lanacstyling.

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